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Publish Date : 3/16/2015
Topic choosing department was simultaneously launched with the foundation of great Islamic encyclopedia in 1983 as scientific index card centre under the supervision of Mr. Bojnourdi the president of the centre with the accompany of some scholars to chouse and introduce their topic of activities.
In this department the encyclopedia topics are chosen under the fields of iterature art and architecture archeology Jurisprrudence Quramic sciences my sticismphylosophy, History, geography, religion, Law, Sciences and anthropology so that articles are compiled under these topics.
Choosing topics is one of the important duties of this department reaserchers who try diligently to find the topics in the refrence books as well as authentic sources and to prove their authenticity because in this way the users can acces their topics as soon as possible the general principle in choosing and introducing the topics is that every subject person or expression is brought under its most relevant topic hf the entry has several fame the most famous of which is chosen as the main topic and the rest are brought as the referring entires (refrence to the main topic).
In this regard there are three topics:
1. The main topic, under which the artichs are compiled
2. The refrring topics which refers to the ,main topic
3. The implicit topic which is titled as in the article texts by the compilors
The topics forming the encyclopedia entries include those which are related to Islamic civilization culture history and geography Historical scientific and artistic figures as well as the expressions dealing with Islamic sciences along with important Booktitles of countries cities Islamic Era architecture and Buildings. Islamic tibes and sects historical dynasties scientific philosophical law anthropology mysticism and literal subjects.
In order to have a quick and confident access to entires a note book, which is named Entry searching graph is used It contains a list of encyclopedias cultures and books which caused cultural changes and social movements in Islamic culture ovrea and are scientifically and documentarily valuable and are registed in that notebook.
Using the Entry searching graph notebook, the researchers in this department choose their relevant book and based on the topic choosing principles by using the texts and souece lists prepare index cards The cards which are considered the topics identity contain four types of informing tools:
1. the topic which is written eligibly in red ink on top of the index card.
2. A brief explanation about the card subjects.
3. The topic code determination relating to the parts of the encyclopedia.
4. The source and referrenve names from which the entry subject has been extracted.
The cards prepared this way are presented to the section chief who decides to change or ornit any of them having consulted with the resoarchers.
The next stage is to code the cards and giving theme to th section chiefs to correct review or suggest any thing about them Finally a complete report is provided for the head – editore about the chosen topics for a final decision After gaining confirmation and final approval the prepared cards are registered alphabetically in the topic notebooks and presented to the centre departments.
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