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Publish Date : 3/16/2015
Tehran Great Encyclopedia is a detailed and technical encyclopedia which has been designed to edit the comprehensible, authentic reference regarding the material and spiritual aspects of Tehran. The hasty evolutions of Tehran in the last few decades especially those after Islamic Revolution victory and considerable migration into Tehran, has changed the identity of this city so much so that has gone far from that of some decades age. These evolutions are in a way that we should find all about Tehran only in the old people’s quotation. Therefore. the CGIE decided to start compiling a detailed and technical encyclopedia about Tehran to fix Tehran’s evolving identity. what is today called macro city of Great Tehran, is the result of Tehran area expansion especially that of 1960 s on ward. studying census of 1956, 1966, 1976, we realise that during these two decades, 108 villages emergcd in to great Tehran and turned intoTehran districts. These villages were part of 3 district: shemiran, kan and Rey which were independent parts from Tehran until before 1960 s and had their own cultural and economical features. Thus in order to fix identity of each if these areas. Tehran Encyclopedia will be compiled in three sections. section one shemiran,
section two Tehran and section three Rey. Each of these sections has its own title which are arranged alphabetcally. It is predicted that Great Tehran Encyclopedia will contain about 12,000 articles including various subjects about political, social and cultural aspects of Great Tehran specifically in the last 200 years.
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