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Publish Date : 3/16/2015
All materials presented in Encyclopedia articles are documented and referred to sources and are thus as first-hand as possible. That’s to this due point that studying Department duties are determined. In fact, this department which acts directly under supervision of the centre head-editor is a starting point to edit and rectify the articles. The associates In this department re-study the authenticity of the materials comparing them with the original documents and the authenticity of the reference mentioned based on the page number. the proper reference and application of the document authorship. Its result is a report addressed to the centre head-editor and the necessary rectification is conducted by himself by referring it to the article compilor. of course, this is the Separtment’s main duty but definitely while writing an article, other issuses are brought up which are of minor responsibility of the studying Department. According to the type of work, the indispensible tool of which is the accurate studying of Scientific file sources, at times some different materials are found. For instance, sometimes it is needed to modify and rectify an article topic, review and reform an article completely, delete or add a part to that, utilise more resources, if accessible, use an older document or insist on a document or Scientific source or delete a source which has no validity and may diminish the validity of an article, which, of course, is suggested and after the head-editor confirms that, the compilor of the relavant department reforms that.
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