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Publish Date : 3/16/2015

The center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia was founded in march 1983 by Mr. Mohammad Kazem Mousavi Bojnourdi The aim to found this center was to prepare Islamic general and technical encyclopedia and to compile refrence and technical books as the scientific supervisor and head – editor mr. Bojnourdi managers all scientific plans in the center the highest organ to make scientific decision in the cgie is the scientific higher council which is presided by the head- editor and at present includes 45 member of the most outstanding scholars in the country more ever some of the scientific projects of the center are supervised by an independent scientific council and higher advisors Also the center under takes different scientific departments in various field the scientific activities of which are supervised by the scientific supervisor and head- editor and each of the scientific projects are conducted based on the scientific higher council as well as technical councils approvals The scientificactivities of the articles follow this procedure after being compiled
1. Reviewing the article resources
2. Article correction by the compilor
3. scientific edition in the related department
4. Literal and technical edition in edition and publishing department
5. sighned by the head of the department and the writer
6. signed and sealed by the head-editor as it is realy to publish
Ofcours for all the center chosen articles of the important scientific documents the research resources are identified and provided for the writers of course all research resources are provided by the Great Library of the cgie and services procurred by the library management for the scientific groups scholars and researchers the topic-choosing department also has a prominent role in organising the center scientific activities. The attendance of the head of researches is outstanding and prectical in all scientific areas.

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