Scientific Files Department

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Publish Date : 3/16/2015
The duty of this department is to determine the necessary resources to compile article’s and to prepare their copies and collect them in a file which is given to the compilor. The stages are as follows:
1) The head of department provides the department researchers with the approved entries based on the order from the planning office and their topics. Each of the researchers are active in one or several professional fields.
2) using the introduced resources by the topic choosing department and cooperating with the related Scientific department, the researchers study the first resources to get more familiar with the entry and collect the needed resources. If some resources are not found in the library, they will attempt to find them inside or outside the country. In any case, the related materials copies to the topic are collected in a file and presented to the head of department.
3) The head of department has another researcher study it again and in case there is any deficiency, solve it.
4) some entries relate to some scientific sections andit is necessary that professional researchers in different fields should from a file for that. In this regard, the file is presented to each of them.
5) These files relating to book titles or writers are referred to the bibliography section which is a part in the scientific files department so that the mentioned books and their copies are found and introduced. In this stage, the lists of most of libraries world wide existing in the centre library are studied so as to provide a necessary report. In the report written by this section researchers, the mamnuscripts. photos or printed copies of the books relating to the subject and those pertaining the writers are also introduced.
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