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Publish Date : 3/16/2015
since long time ago, Persian Gulf has been considered not only as one of important water sources in the world, but also as a cultural and focal point of meeting and communicating ancient civilisations, Therefore, compiling »persian Gulf Encyclopedia« is a responde to give scientific recognition of ecological, environmental, historical, cultural, social, economical and political features of such an important region of the word objective:
A, To provide a suitable response for a shortage of scientific collection of various specifications of this region.
B, To fix persian Gulf identification so as to be trully a mainfestation of whatever has been know n about this region by the name pf persian Gulf along the history.
C, compile a merely scientific work apart from any prejudice so that it can be both globally and generally acceptable and can serve as an authentic document to introduce the region correctly.
organisational elements:
The organisational elements of the persian Gulf Encyclopedia are as follows:
A, The high supervision of the president of the CGIE
B, Scientific Counsil
C, Executive Counsil
D, Scientific manager as well as head-editor
Persian Gulf Encyclopedia has been designed in 8 volumes (four Volumes generalities and four volumes entries)
and about 8000 pages
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