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Publish Date : 3/16/2015
The project of Iranian People’s culture Encyclopedia started in May 2008. The Iranian People’s culture Encyclopedia is a detailed and technical Encyclopedia about Iran folklore and anthropology including 3000 entries (topics). so far about 1800 articles have been prepared and compiled volume one (including letters A and part of B) will be published until the end of 1391 solar year.
more then 120 Iranian as well as foreign researchers have a constant cooperation with this encyclopedia and are in charge of researching and compiling its articles. A number of compilors and researchers cooperating with this encyclopedia are of the most outstanding scientists and researchers in Iran and overseas, and some others are young scholars will be professional researchers and compilors of this department after passing educational courses.
This encyclopedia. itself. contains a scientific council including 27 members of most well-known experts in areas of culture, folklore, oral literature and anthropology in Iran.
Also, the higher advisor council of the encyclopedia include 15 members from the most outstanding scientists in various areas of humanities who lead the policies and general guidelines of the encyclopedia.
the topics of the encyclopedia are categorised in 3 general fields: subjects relating to material, spiritual and social life. The topics of this encyclopedia have high variety and reflect various cultural and folkloric aspects of Iranian people. Foods, drinks and kinds of spices, clothes and or naments, customs, rituals, folkloric knowledge, beliefs. working tools and furniture, animals plants. natural phenomena and important relavant people and books regarding Iran foiklore and anthropology are some of the topics.
In addition, the other objectives of this encyclopedia are to prepare and establish a library equipped with the most important sources of Iranian culture, folkore and anthropology. In this regard, big strides have been taken and parts of he technical sources in this field have been collected. It is predicted thar by the completion of this encyclopedia, the technical sources of the library will have been collected.
The present main members of the encyclopedia are as follows: Dr. Asghar karimi and Dr. mohammad Jaafari Ghanavati (manager and scientific editor of the Iranian people culture encyclopedia): maryam mohammad tabar (assistant in Iranian people’s culture encyclopedia): Mrs-masoomeh Ebrahimi managed the project before.

The higher advistor members of the encyclopedia:
1. Mr. Kazem moosavi Bojnoordi
2. Dr. Fathollah Mojtabai
3. Late Dr. Iraj Afshar
4. Dr. Enayatollah Reza
5. Dr. mahood omidsalar
6. Dr. Eskandar Amanollahi
7. Dr. seyed sadegh sajadi
8. Dr. Azartash Azarnoosh
9. Dr. Nasrollah Poorjavadi
10. Dr. Hassan Zolfaghari
11. Dr. mohammad Jaafari Ghanavati
12. Dr. Asghar Karimi

The Scientific Council members of the encyclopedia:
1. Dr. yaghoob Ajand
2. Dr. Garnic Asatoorian
3. Dr. Hassan Akbari Beyragh
4. Dr. Eskandar Amanollahi
5. Dr. mahmood omid salar
6. Dr. mohammad Hossein Bajelan Farokhi
7. Dr.mohammad saeed Janebollahi
8. Dr. mohammad Jaafari Ghanavati
9. Hassan Zolfaghari
10. Dr.Jalaloddin Rafeefar
11. Dr. mahmood Rooholamini
12. Dr. Tahmoores sajedi
13. Dr. Ali soltani Gard Faramarzi
14. Dr. Jamshid sedaghat kish.
15. Dr. Nematollah Fazeli
16. Dr. Morteza Farhadi
17. Dr. Ahmad Firoozabadi
18. Dr. Asghar karimi
19. Dr. Mohammad Ali Golabzadeh
20. Ms. Dr. Katayoon Mazdapoor
21. Dr. Mohammad Mirshekari
22. Dr. Mohsen Mihandoost
23. Mr. Seyed Ah,ad vakilian
24. Mr. Sadegh Homayooni
25. Dr. Mohammad Jafar Yahaghi
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