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Publish Date : 3/16/2015
English Translation section of the centre for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia was founded in August 2003 to start its work in order to prepare and edit the English version of the Encyclopedia. To establish the above-mentioned section took years of studying and consideration of the centre researchers to evalvate the scientific, technical, financial administrative aspects ofsuch a great project. Finally it led to signing a contract between the centre and the Esmailie studies Institute and consequently forming a common team of researchers, editors and translators to achieve this project. Eight years after translating and editing the Encyclopedia in to English started. three volumes of the Encyclopedia were published titled Encyclopedia Islamica by Breille publication in Lideon, the Netherlands. The published volumes attracted critics and researchers attention as well as the universities all over the world and faced a considerable welcome. It is significant to mention that Islamica Encyclopedia received an International Annual Book A word in 1389 solar year in Iran. Dr. Ahmad Pakatchi, the head of English Translation section of the CGIE, is assisted by shahram khodaverdian and sara Hajj Hosseini as members of this section.
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