Department for Translation of Encyclopedia into Arabic

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Publish Date : 3/16/2015
The major duty if this section is to translate articles of the Great Islamic Encyclopedia from persian to Arabic, compare and contrast the Arabic and persian texts with the dociments available in the scientific files, edit literally, do a common edition and finally take copies and punctuate them In spite of the fact that translators, editors and researchers who are in charge of the duties are all experts in Arabic language and literature and master persian Language, in order to present a very scientifically accurate translation suitable to print in the Encyclopedia and based in the authentic documents, the following procedures are conducted:
A, Each and every article along with the scientific file containing all useful documents to compile is given to one of the section translators by the head-editor. The translation translates the article, considering the persian text and referring to the documents and ensuring the authenticity of the materials and then is returned to the head-editor office by the section.
B, After being registered and reviewed by the head-editor. the translated article is referred to either of the two editorial parts of the section-mastering both persian and Arabic-to do the first edition as well as comparing and contrasting, after that the editor compare the two texts accurately and refers to the file documents and ensures the translation accuracy  ضبط صحیح اعلام , places, dates, resources, volumes, page numbers, year of publishing and finally ends the edition, comparing and ensuring the authenticity and sends the complete document through the section to the head-editor.
c, In the final literal edition stage, the article receives the final edition, comparison, authenticizing the corrections done, comparing the persian text and Arabic translation and the head-editor again.
D, Now the head-editing office will have the typed article along with the related scientific document be edited by the translator. contrastors and literal editor. In this stage, the final correction and edition is conducted at the presence of these involved in the mentioned proceses.
E. After the common edition stage, the article is technically edited and by the head-editing office is presented to the edited and print section.
F. of other duties in this section we can mention the index card and places which if necessary are used.
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